New Songtaew Routes and 30 Baht Fare Rise Proposed

 | Fri 26 Aug 2016 07:35 ICT

CityNews – The Provincial Land Transport Office of Chiang Mai and Nakorn Lanna Transport Cooperatives have announced a new plan to increase red songtaew prices to 30 baht per trip and move 2,400 songtaews to be non-regular buses, leaving only 100 on regular routes around the city.

red truck

The new plans will see the red songtaews be divided into two types, named ‘Car 10’ and ‘Car 30’.

‘Car 10’ routes will be for the 100 regular songtaews covering 10 permanent routes around the city such as:

Route 2381: Chiang Mai – Ban Nam Bo Luang – Wat Hui Thong.

Route 2623: Nakornping Hospital – Ban Mae Ha

Route 2624: Baan Maew Doi Pui – Big C Don Chan Branch

Route 2630: Chang Phuak Transport Station – Ban Pa Dad

Route 2631 Chang Phuak Transport Station – Ban San Sai Mahawong

And three more routes are on experiment routes by Chiang Mai University and Nakorn Lanna Transport Cooperatives such as Route R1 from Huay Kaew Arboretum – Central Festival Chiang Mai, Route R2 from Chang Phuak Transport Station – Chiang Mai International Airport and Route R3 from Nakornping Hospital – Warorot Market.

‘Car 10’ red songtaews will charge 30 baht per person per ride.

The non-regular ‘Car 30’ red songtaews will travel across the city, within the second ring road, with a set price of 30 bhat per person per ride within the area, irrelevant of distance.

This proposed plan will be evaluated by the Provincial Land Transport Office and be given the go-ahead by the Land Transport Control Board before it is put into action.