New Governor Visits Elderly Rape Victim

 | Fri 13 Jul 2018 04:29 ICT

CityNews – At around 5pm on July 13th, the new Chiang Mai Governor, Supachai Iamsuwan paid a visit to the elderly sexual assault victim earlier this week.

The governor, along with representatives from the Office in Social Development and Human Security and other cooperative organisations, visited Sudjai Sukhamton, aged 74, (Ed. CityNews previously stated her age as 78, an incorrect number provided by the police at the time and since updated.) at her home.

The visit was set up to show support and offer post-traumatic stress services to the woman. The attacker, Suchart ‘Tim Tinyam’ Sukasem, aged 30, was recently out of jail after serving time for robbery. He attacked the elderly woman in the night of July 9th.