Net Idol Shamed for Posing in front of Monument

 | Wed 29 Aug 2018 08:00 ICT

CityNews – A net idol has been accused of being inappropriate for posing in front of Phra Nang Chamathewi Monument by a folksong musician who described her as ‘an ugly faggot.’

A folksong musician who is known as Kru Add shared a photo on his Facebook wall today, August 28th, of a net idol named Sitang Buatong who posted a picture of herself posing like a model in front of the Phra Nang Chamathewi Monument.

Kru Add said that such posing is inappropriate, he also described Sitang as ‘an ugly faggot’ who showed disrespect to the place for treating this ‘sacred place’ as a ‘runway’. His post has gained attention of online people who demanded Sitang to remove the picture from her account.

Today, August 29th, CityNews met with the alleged net idol who insisted that she paid the visit to the monument with utmost respect and did not intend this to be an issue. Sitang Buatong apologised for upsetting anyone and deleted the post from her Facebook.