Nearly 55,000 Accidents on Thailand’s Roads Last Year

 | Thu 21 Nov 2013 12:39 ICT

CityNews – A survey of driving behaviour by researchers at Nielsen revealed that around eight per cent of motorists in Thailand operate their vehicles without a license. Of the 54,341 accidents reported in 2012, there were 7,634 deaths, 3,551 serious injuries and 17,465 minor injuries, according to the report.These figures suggest that around 30 per cent of Thailand’s drivers have been involved in an accident.
Nielsen’s Director of Automotive Business, Somwalee Limratchtamorn, said: “According to the survey, despite having accidents, motorists have not changed their behaviour.” He added: “Many still change the radio station,switch CDs or use their mobile phone while driving and continue chatting with their passengers – even though these are the two main causes of road accidents.”
Nielsen found that 36 per cent of motorists admitted to using their mobile phone while driving. Talking on a mobile phone was the cause of 11 per cent of reported motor accidents last year with a similar number of accidents caused by drivers drinking at the wheel. This was followed by eight per cent of accidents the result of changing the radio station or chatting to a passenger.
Somwalee concluded: “We must evaluate the sufficiency of the safety measures currently in place and determine what the next steps should be”.