Naughty Garbage Collectors’ Illegal Dump

 | Thu 1 Sep 2016 09:55 ICT

CityNews – Pprivate garbage collecting businesses haves been caught leaving piles of rubbish near Sanpatong Hospital, leading to many complaints by nearby residents as well as patients and staff of the hospital.

The mayor of Yuwa District visited the site and discovered that piles of garbage collected not only from Chiang Mai, but also Lamphun, including garbage collected from a hospital in Chiang Mai, were being dumped in this area, causing not just an eye sore, but hygiene issues and offensive odours. It was reported that this area has been a dump site for up to ten years and in spite of billboards and obstacles blocking the area from access, the problem persists.


Authorities have now noted down licence plates of a few trucks which come at night and will be pursuing the matter further. Private garbage collecting businesses can make up to tens of thousands of baht per day from garbage collection and management, but there is little oversight and accountability, with some companies simply dumping them elsewhere.