Municipality smarting up our bus routes

 | Fri 22 May 2020 15:51 ICT

Bus company RTC Chiang Mai is working in conjunction with the traffic engineering department of the Chiang Mai Municipality to test out a new bus system.

The Tha Pae bus stop is the first in the city to be fully functioning and will be using a smart bus timetable scheduling system which will provide information as to the arrival times and where routes will be heading to such as: B1 Arcade Bus Station to Kruba Srivijai Monument

B2 Arcade Bus Station to CNX Intl. Airport

(Serviced by the municipality)

R1 Chiang Mai Zoo to Central Festival

R3 CNX Intl. Airport to around the moat

(Serviced by RTC)

This includes providing a dropping off and picking up point for other forms of transport which may not run a particular route. The aim is to improve public transportation across the city and the municipality says that they will be upgrading bus stops across town.

However, because of COVID-19 RTC will have to continue to halt all operations until 1st July.

Members of RTC Transit Rabbit Card will be able to use up all unused routes on the current card.