More Viral Nastiness: This Time a Dog is Tied to Truck and Pulled along a Road in Thailand

 | Thu 10 Oct 2013 13:42 ICT

CityNews – On 10th October reported a viral photo that was found on social media, including Facebook and Instagram showing a yellow truck dragging a dog down a road.

The truck

The photo has been shared thousands of times already on Facebook.

Comments on the photo from upset Thai posters have speculated that because of a number on the truck that the vehicle could be a work truck for the highways, and that the dog was likely already dead and being cleared from the street. Other posters have claimed that this is another act of cruelty against animals, an addition to a worrying trend.

It’s still not known where the shot was taken.

Unlike the recent story of three girls killing a puppy, it looks certain that this happened in Thailand as the truck has a Bangkok license plate and in the photograph a Thai flag can be seen.