More storms to come

 | Mon 5 Apr 2021 17:43 ICT

The Meteorological Department of Thailand says that the recent summer storms have put out fires in all 154 forest fire hotspots over the past few days, with no hotspots spotted by satellite as of this morning.

Air pollution, however, persists and water spraying equipment has been installed in many spots to help reduce the amount of dust and smoke in the air that affects public health, said a department representative.

The Northern Meteorological Centre also reports that during this period the high pressure area or moderate cold air mass from China extending down to cover the upper Thailand and South China Sea will cause the outbreaks of the summer storms in the upper norther region along with thunderstorms and gusty winds and hail that will begin in the Northeast while other parts will be affected in the next phase.

From 7th to 9th April, 2020 the moderate high pressure or cold air mass that covers upper Thailand will begin to weaken, but there’s still the possibility of thunderstorms and strong winds. Please stay safe from the potentially severe conditions by keeping away from open areas, big trees and unsecured billboards. Farmers are advised to prepare for crop damage.