Missionary’s residence burns down

 | Tue 9 Jun 2020 17:35 ICT

Earlier today an old wooden house next to Prince Royal’s College on Bamrungrad Road went up in flames and eventually burnt down.

The two story half wooded house was engulfed in flames which required four water trucks to put out.

No one was at the house at the time of the fire.

An American missionary lived in this home which has been home to many missionaries before, but is currently away back home in the US. Neighbours say they heard a loud explosion which was followed by the fire and rescue workers believe it to have been an electrical fault.

Fire fighters entered the house to find the entire structure burnt to cinders. However, there was a moment of excitement when two banknotes were found to be relatively untouched. While both notes were singed, the face of King Rama IX remained unblemished. The bank notes are to be kept and there is already talks of a miracle.