Missing woman spotted in Chiang Rai

 | Mon 31 Aug 2020 14:55 ICT

Weena Nilwongse, 43, a lecturer at Maejo University, has been missing since 23rd August, according to her sister who has come up from their home province of Trang to find her.

Her sister was concerned, as Weena had disappeared without a trace and hadn’t told anyone that she was going anywhere. However, yesterday police said that a woman matching her description was seen leaving a car in Mae Suai, Chiang Rai, and was last seen walking away.

This morning police announced that a confirmed sighting of Weena should ally fears that she had come to harm. According to police, she had taken a taxi last night to Overbrook hospital in Chiang Rai, though there is no record of her entering the hospital.

Police urge anyone with any knowledge of her whereabouts to please call 191 or 081-8842330.