Missing Buffalo Found Stuck in a Pond, Saved

 | Tue 15 Mar 2016 05:21 ICT

CityNews – The headman of Suthep sub-district and a group of locals helped a buffalo out of a small pond it had fallen in on March 14.

buffalo savers

Locals discovered the buffalo, a 5 year old female, in a small pond in Ban Huai, Suthep and called the headman to help.

It took four hours for people to finally free the buffalo.

The buffalo belonged to 60-year-old Som Panyama, who reported it lost on March 8.

The buffalo was found in a pond on land owned by a foreigner, who first didn’t let the owner in to help the buffalo.

The owner then called locals and the headman to come and help explain to the land owner that they needed to save the buffalo.

The buffalo is now safe, back with its owner.