Migrant Mussel Catchers Arrested, Found to be Illegal

 | Tue 17 Jul 2018 07:25 ICT

CityNews – The arrest of two migrant workers who were collecting mussels in the moat has sparked a controversial argument on social media.

On July 15th, a city inspection of Chiang Mai Municipality took place, resulting in the arrest of two migrant workers. The men were arrested for collecting mussels from the moat.

After the case was posted on city inspection’s Facebook page, many comments expressed disapprovals of the authorities and said they misused their power. Several comments pointed out that the picture did not blur the suspect faces which is a violation of their rights as a suspect.

The controversial post has been deleted from the page and the city inspection posted another post on the following day to clarify the issue. Authorities claimed that the men were arrested under a law that prohibits any fishing or animal catching in the moat. According to the new statement, the two migrants workers were not fined, just warned.

However, after their arrest, authorities found the men to be here illegally. They are now facing prosecution and deportation.