Mentally Ill Woman Burns Down Her Own House in Chiang Dao

 | Fri 11 Apr 2014 10:33 ICT

CityNews – On Wednesday, April 9th, Pol. Lt. Col. Thongchai Eua-tae, the special case officer of Chiang Dao police station, received a report that a mentally ill woman had burned down her own home.

Kamron Ananta, the chief of the village in Bantum, said that Nutthimon Tonphayom (52), a mentally ill woman, burned down her own house in Baan Tham Chiang Dao. They had notified the Chiang Dao Fire Department and Rescue Unit immediately.

At the scene, officials found a single floor concrete house with Nutthimon standing in front of the house. She was yelling at the officials, accusing them of setting the fire. The police had to take her away from the scene in order for her to calm down. It took 15 minutes for the fire department to distinguish the fire. The house and properties inside were deemed a total loss.

Eyewitnesses told officials that Nutthimon lived alone in the house and that she allegedly suffers from chronic psychotic conditions. Just before the fire broke out, neighbours thought she was suffering from her usual panic attack, so they ignored her. Nutthimon walked into the house and then ran outside when the fire started to quickly spread from inside the house, eventually destroying the whole structure.

The police think her behaviour was triggered by heat stroke. However, officials will question her again once she calms down. The estimated damage is 100,000 baht.

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