Men blackmailed after sending naked pic

 | Fri 13 Nov 2020 17:13 ICT

Chang Puak police arrested a man today, 26 year old Jetrin Jaiklom, accused of setting up a Facebook profile as a pretty woman to solicit naked pictures from men, whom he them blackmailed.

With his profile as an attractive woman, he asked men to send him naked photos of themselves and then blackmailed them for money, or to have sex with him.

Police found a treasure trove of naked photos on his many phones as well as on his hard drive, along with evidence of conversations where he blackmailed multiple men.

Jetrin admitted to police that he was a VJ on the popular app, Vibie, which is a live stream application used for communication.

Police say that Jetrin had also been arrested in 2017 for a similar crime. Police are charging him with child pornography charges as some of the men are underage. Police say that there will be more charges as the investigation continues.