Meeting Held To Discuss Tourism In Mae Rim After Naked Bungee Fury

 | Thu 21 May 2015 05:20 ICT

CityNews – A meeting was held on May 19, to discuss appropriate practices within the tourism industry in Mae Rim, following a viral video clip of a woman bungee jumping naked last week.


The Chief of Mae Rim District Office, Passadet Hongladarom, invited local entrepreneurs to join the discussion.

Passadet asked the local tourist industry to cooperate with four key points set out by the local government.

First, he asked local entrepreneurs to help promote good understanding of local Lanna culture, with a focus on appropriate clothing.

It was suggested that signs be erected at every tourist destination in a range of languages explaining correct behaviour, appropriate dress codes and other cultural elements often missed by tourists.

All entrepreneurs were asked to sign a form of cooperation and share them with tour companies in the city, and then forward copies to the local district office.

The second key point outlined by Passadet focused on safety for tourists, encouraging all tourist destinations to invest in insurance policies for all of their visitors.

If injury or death occurs under the care of any tourist destination, insurance should pay out up to 2 million baht.

To help keep a safe environment for tourists, warning signs and better checks of equipment were also encouraged.

The third point honed in on the importance of hiring only legal labourers with work permits. Passadet told local entrepreneurs that if they employ undocumented workers, they are supporting human trafficking gangs.

Passadet finalised by asking local tourist companies and entrepreneurs to form clubs and associations to further strengthen tourism in Mae Rim.