Meeting Held at Wing 41 Discussing Recent Smog Prevention Projects

 | Fri 13 Mar 2015 10:09 ICT

CityNews – Major General Sarayut Rangsee of the 33rd Military Circle and other involved parties joined a meeting to follow up on the Royal Air Force’s rainmaking project, after aircrafts were sent into northern Thailand’s skies to make artificial rain, in a bid to solve the smog problems plaguing the city.


Among other discussions and a performance report, the Royal Air Force discovered many “Hot Spots” that can now be focused on from the ground.

According to Nuenghatai Tantiplubthong, director of the Northern Royal Rainmaking Centre, aircrafts have been sent up to the sky two times per day in an attempt at reducing the smog and to help mitigate drought.

According to reports, the project was successful in many districts, including the Om Koi district of Chiang Mai, Tern district of Lampang and several districts in both Lamphun and Tak provinces.

According to Dr Surasing Wisarutrat, the deputy head of Chiang Mai Provincial Public Health Office, during these past few days the number of patients suffering from smog related illnesses has risen to around 9,000 people.

Major afflictions include eye diseases, skin diseases, respiratory tract diseases, and cardiovascular diseases.

He also stated that If air levels remain at such dangerous levels, the number of patients will only increase.

Dr Surasing suggested that residents stay inside when possible, avoiding the inhalation of as much smog as possible and try to wear suitable masks when outside.

Those who play outdoor sports, especially golf, should cancel their plans until the smog clears.