Media Praise The Stray Dog Angel

 | Fri 18 May 2018 10:52 ICT

CityNews – A local man has been spotted by the local media feeding over 150 dogs a day out of his own pocket for over seven years.

Local media reported the story of 41 year old Nuntapat Kammamoon who began feeding stray dogs after he started to feed a few dogs in Doi Saket seven years ago. Nuntapat is a noodle vendor in the Doi Saket Market and lives in Ban Pho Thong Charoen.

Seven years ago, Nuntapat began feeding a few stray dogs around his neighborhood after they were looking very hungry and appeared to be malnourished. Since then he has been feeding the strays in his neighbourhood every day. From a handful of dogs seven years ago, he now feeds over 150 dogs every day.

Nuntapat claims he spends over a thousand baht a day buying 45 kilos of rice and cooking it with seven kilos of chicken bones, and a few gallons of pork blood. He spends over two hours feeding the dogs in the evening and he even helps pay for medial treatment and sterilisation when he can.

He is known locally as ‘the stray dog angel’. Nuntapat has expressed gratitude to the media for sharing his story, but he is humble and insists that people do much better things than he does. He used the exposure to encourage other people to help feed and take responsibility of the dogs they adopt and to not throw them out when they get older and less cute.