MAYA’s fountain court to be returned to the Highway Department

 | Fri 5 Jul 2019 16:06 ICT

CityNews – A deadline has been set for MAYA Lifestyle Shopping to return the fountain court to the Chiang Mai Highway Department.

On January this year there was a complaint from a former Chiang Mai University lecturer regarding the fountain court of MAYA Lifestyle Shopping. This fountain court has been encroaching on the highway. The demand for the mall to forfeit the area has succeeded, which would fix the traffic issue.

A statement Chiang Mai Highway Department 2 released on July 4th declared that the mall will demolish the fountain court, and return the area to the department by July 20th. The department has a plan to use the area to fix the traffic issue, with an additional traffic lane and a footpath. However, the letter revealed that there will still be event space. The department will draw a clear line between the mall’s area and the public area.