Maniac Driver gets Arrested after Viral Video of Horror Movie Style Road Duel

 | Tue 4 Mar 2014 10:55 ICT

CityNews – Thai police have arrested the man whose driving went viral last week when his road rage was uploaded to YouTube. The video not only became a matter of Thai concern, but also fired up what is already a cause célèbre concerning what many people around the world think of road safety in Thailand.

The arrested man, Angkoon Buathong (27), admitted to police that he wanted to hit the smaller truck and take it out, but only because he said the driver of the truck was holding some kind of weapon.

The driver of the small truck was reported as saying that he was only trying to change lanes, not cut off the large truck.

The original video posted on Facebook is now down. It was a long clip that at first showed the smaller truck driving slowly in the fast lane and not letting the large two-carriage truck pass. It looks as though the 18 wheeler then took revenge by trying numerous times – and finally succeeding – to smash the small truck into the side of the road. The drivers were were driving towards Samut Songkhram Province, on the Rama II Road.

Although it seems many social media fans found the footage hilarious, it’s obvious that the fact no one was hurt was very lucky.