Man with History of Paedophilia Arrested for Molestation of 6 Year Old Girl in Local Bookshop

 | Wed 6 Nov 2013 10:59 ICT

CityNews – On 5th November Thairath reported that Chiang Mai Police arrested a local man Sombun Chanthip (63) for the molestation of a girl in a bookshop.

It’s reported that the girl went to the bookshop with her father. She was left reading alone while when Sombun approached her. CCTV footage revealed that at first the man touched her head and then the video showed him put his hands in the region of the girl’s genitalia.

Bookshop staff saw this on the monitors and approached the man, and then he fled.

Police soon discovered that Sombun had been charged with child molestation 11 times. After his arrest he admitted to police that he often told children he was solider to gain their trust before he molested them. He also said that after each time he was arrested he changed his name, and that he was now on his 10th change of identity.