Man who shot two to death in drunken brawl gives himself up

 | Thu 3 Dec 2020 10:35 ICT

On the night of the 28th November police were called to a karaoke bar in Sansai where they found two dead bodies, both shot.

According to witnesses one of the two men is from the Shan state in Myanmar, a 34 year old man only known as Langmai while the second victim was 64 year old Prasert Danklang, both were shot in the head, Langmai from the front and Prasert from the back. Witnesses told police that the shooter was 53 year old Theerapol Rodurai a long time friend of Langmai. The two men had apparently rowed often.

Following the shooting, Theerapong fled by waving down a motorbike driven by a Shan youth.

However, on the 30th of November, apparently filled with remorse, Theerapong voluntarily gave himself up to police. He said that he and Langmai were always at odds and that it was alcohol which fueled his anger. He said that he was so angry he got out his gun and shot Langmai but claimed that Theerapong was simply a victim of an accidental stray bullet and that he had no intention of harming him.

Today police say that Theerapong will face four charges which include murder with intent, possession of an armed weapon without permit, carrying an armed weapon without permit and shooting an armed weapon in public.