Man wants answers after wife and unborn child died unexpectedly in hospital

 | Fri 2 Oct 2020 15:28 ICT

A dentist has come out on social media to ask a prominent (unnamed) private hospital in Chiang Mai to finally explain the cause of his wife’s September death.

Theerawut Huansuwannakorn, 35, a dentist in Chiang Mai posted on social media that last month his pregnant wife went to the hospital after suffering from nausea and lower abdominal pains.

Theerawut told reporters yesterday that after being admitted, his wife was injected with an agent prior to undergoing x-ray and CT scan. He was then told that his wife likely had some gall stones and had to be admitted. Relieved, he told his wife that he was going to pack her belongings to bring back to the hospital later that day. But after a couple of hours his in-laws called him back urgently and he returned to see his wife in ICU and on a ventilator. He was then assured by the doctor that she was now stable and should recover after two days in ICU.

He left the ICU to go and deal with hospital administration and insurance issues only to return to see his wife in cardiac arrest. At that point the doctor came out and told him that his wife’s condition was critical and that he was trying to save her life. The doctor also said that a bloody cyst was discovered in his wife’s ovaries during the CT scan, which may have initially caused her stomach pain. He also said that his wife was six to seven weeks pregnant, a fact that was unknown until then.

After three attempts at reviving his wife, he asked the doctors to make the decision which he said he couldn’t, and the doctors declared her dead. He said that from the moment he said good bye to her at 1pm to go and grab her things from home, six hours later she was dead.

He said that since then he has been asking the hospital to explain what went wrong with her treatment, but there has only been silence. As he himself is in the medical field, all of his friends have been curious as to what could possibly go wrong and all he was seeking was some answers. The hospital’s stance has been that they have acted in accordance to all medical professional standards.

Theerawut told reporters that he was not interested in any financial compensation nor did he want to sue the hospital. But he simply wanted to understand and the hospital has only responded by telling him that no one was to blame.

He said that he was very happy with his wife, that they were planning for a family and a future together and he just wanted answers.