Man Walks to Chiang Mai in Honour of the King

 | Tue 3 Feb 2015 03:38 ICT

CityNews – A man has completed his walk from Bangkok to Chiang Mai in honour of the King after almost two months on the road.


29-year-old Jittawat Techarattanayuenyong arrived in Chiang Mai last Saturday, January 31.

He left Bangkok on December 6, walking over 1,700 kilometres pulling a trolley packed with food and drinks offered to him by locals along his journey.

He concluded the northern part of his walk at Wualai Walking Street in Sarapee with a final blessing for the King.

However, Jittawat is far from finishing his journey. He now plans to walk down the western provinces, continuing to the southern provinces before returning to the capital.

Jittawat told CityNews that he wants to see the King live a longer life, and that if every kilometre he walks is equal to one year of life, he hopes the King will live to an age greater than the distance he has walked.

He also has carried a book for people to sign blessings and good wishes to the King which he will take back to Bangkok and present it to the King.

Jittawat says that if anyone sees him, they can talk to him but he will refuse to accept any monetary donations. Follow his mission on his Facebook fan page here.