Man Suffers Sever Burn After Instant Noodle Incident

 | Fri 22 Jan 2016 06:05 ICT

CityNews – January 19th, the police and fire service were called to a apartment that caught on fire in Chang Puak Sub District and found a man in critical condition.

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When they arrived to the scene, firemen took around 20 minutes to put out the fire which was spreading to other apartments and discovered that there was one man still trapped inside his bathroom.

The fire fighters brought out the unconscious body of Lao Hang, a 26 Burmese national and rushed him to hospital where he is currently under intensive care from severe burns.

According to his girlfriend, who escaped the fire unscathed, Lao Hang had been cooking instant noodles on his gas burner when it erupted in flames and engulfed him. Panicked, he ran to the bathroom where the rapidly spreading fire trapped him and eventually smoke inhalation rendered him unconscious.

He is being treated at hospital.