Man Steals Hospital Car to Propose to Girlfriend, Gets Drunk And Arrested Before He Makes it to Lamphun

 | Tue 9 May 2017 09:10 ICT

CityNews – On May 7th, 29 year old Seksan Muenboontan was waiting to be treated at Theppanya Hospital for a minor foot injury. After waiting for three hours to see a doctor as an outpatient, he became impatient and went for a stroll around the car park. Seeing a car parked in front of the emergency room with keys still in the ignition, he decided to steal it.

He later told police that he thought of driving to Lamphun to propose to his girlfriend but got waylaid on the way and ended up drinking at a roadside bar.

After getting drunk at the bar, he tried to escape the bar without paying as he had no money. However, the owner punched him in the face before calling the police.

Once the police arrived, they discovered that Seksan was driving a vehicle that was previously reported stolen.

He was arrested for stealing the car, which turned out to have belonged to an employee of the hospital, and trying to run away from a bar without paying.

CityNews is unsure whether his girlfriend was ever proposed to.