Man shelters from storm, ends up electrocuted

 | Mon 27 Apr 2020 09:47 ICT

CityNews – 27th April 2020, on Saturday, Sansai police were alerted to an accident and arrived at a scene to find a vehicle engulfed in flames near Mae Kuang Dam.

On arrival they found a Toyota parked by the side of the road with its bonnet on fire. Fire fighters extinguished the fire only to find the body of a man next to the vehicle. He was found to be a 60 year old man who had died at the scene.

Following investigation it was thought that the man had encountered a freak summer storm and decided to pull over to the side of the road for safety. The storm may have broken an electrical wire which then fell onto the vehicle and caught fire. He may have been afraid and decided to leave the vehicle, which was when it was thought that he may have been electrocuted.