Man robs and burns 7/11, escapes with 1,000 baht

 | Tue 2 Nov 2021 19:45 ICT

At around 3am last night a man held up a 7/11, brandishing a long knife, before escaping with 1,000 baht. Police say that they are tracking him on CCTV and will make an arrest imminently.

According to two women working at the 7/11 in Mae Taeng, this man had come in previously and looked around the place, but left without purchasing anything. At 3am he returned, this time with a knife and threatened the women if they didn’t give him money. He then ushered the two women into a storage room.

One of the women says that she panicked and ran outside screaming for help. The man then reached over and took the 1,000 baht in the till before dousing the till with petrol and lighting it on fire, presumably to destroy evidence in the convenience store’s hard drive, says police.

There was extensive fire damage to the convenience store, but no one was injured.