Man Reports Swindling Girlfriend

 | Wed 25 Mar 2015 05:48 ICT

CityNews – On Monday, March 23, 37-year-old Nat Pinpotiwong, originally from Samutprakan province, asked Chiang Mai police to trace his girlfriend, name withheld, aged around 30 years old.


Nat claimed that his girlfriend had swindled around 3 million baht from him and his four friends. He himself lost over 1 million baht in cash and a car valued around 600,000 baht.

Nat told police that he met his girlfriend via the social network site in May 2013. While they were dating, his girlfriend invited him to invest in a business selling books to a company in Bangkok.

He first invested around 60,000 baht and quickly got 10,000 baht profit within a month. Hence, he was convinced that the business was legitimate and continued to invest with her.

Nat claimed he eventually invested a total of over 1 million baht which his girlfriend never returned to him, instead asking him to borrow more money from family and friends, which he did, totaling 3 million baht.

After not seeing any returns on their investments, Nat told police that he finally realised his girlfriend might be swindling him, and tried to break up with her. But he said that she responded with threats, saying that if he broke up with her, she would tell her father to bring his henchmen to kidnap and injure him. It was at this point that Nat went to the police.

Police believe the suspect is still in Chiang Mai, and are investigating the case now.