Man Refuses to Pay Dowry in Prathum Thani – Beloved Wants Him Arrested

 | Mon 19 Aug 2013 13:10 ICT

CityNews – Pannat Yutong (38), and her family were reportedly furious after the dowry they had been promised turned out to be nothing but hot air.

Somsak reportedly only had change to offer his bride

When Pannat agreed to marry Somsak (34) she had been assured that 300,000 baht as well as 10 baht (weight) in gold would be coming to her it was reported on Thai news site Khaosod.

The 300,000 baht was partly to cover the reception fee that included a large Chinese banquet. Pannat said that Somsak had agreed to pay for the reception but on the big day he had come empty handed, except for a bank book showing a cheeky bank balance of a few hundred baht.

In an effort not to lose face Pannat allowed the ceremony to take place and the guests enjoyed their wedding.

When questioned about the dowry Pannat told the press that Somsak took off into the night.

The police said that this is a civil case and will be taken to the courts.

Cases of unpaid dowries, or dowries being paid after a woman’s ‘purity’ was questionable have been settled before in the courts.