Man holds hostage with gun then shoots himself at 7Eleven

CityNews – 15th October 2019, Commander of Chiang Mai provincial police Phitchet Jeeranantasin and his team rushed to a scene to investigate an early morning shooting. On arrival at a convenience store in Mae Rim District, they found the body of a man lying dead on the road.

According to witnesses, a shop assistant was taken hostage, around 5am at a 7Eleven by a man with a gun. Local police had arrived on the scene and were attempting to negotiate with the gunman. The gunman at some point decided to end it all and shot himself in the head.  The rescue team rushed to take him to Nakhornping Hospital.

It was later found that the guy who committed suicide was Sgt. Phongphan Kunhong, 37 years old, a soldier of Pha Mueang Force, Chiang Rai.  Upon contact, the superintendent of the sergeant told police that he had been suffering from a  depressive disorder. According to the police, he died after repeated attempts to save him.