Man Gets Serious About Trespassers and Rubbish Tippers on his Land

 | Wed 4 May 2016 06:56 ICT

CityNews – A man has set up large signs on his land warning people against dumping rubbish or trespassing on his land, threatening legal action for anyone who does.


On May 3, 54-year-old Charoen Chumpukam asked police to patrol his land after putting up his signs.

According to Charoen, he had brought the land in 2008 for 14 million baht but has yet to use the land. However, people often came to his land an camped illegally, made their home on his land and dumped their rubbish.

However, forest officials have recently placed markers to indicate land owned by forestry officials, which has created a visual barrier between forestry office land and his privately owned land.

He also added that he now plans to develop his land to be more useful for people in Chiang Mai.

One man who had been living on the land on and off for over 30 years has told reporters that he is willing to cooperate with the owner of the land, offering to help take care of the land in exchange for being allowed to continue to live there.

Now, if anyone dumps rubbish on his land or illegally settles on his land, he will ensure a case will be opened in the local courts.