Man Furious his 1.5 Million Baht Car’s Air-con Broke after 10 Days

 | Fri 24 May 2019 22:23 ICT

CityNews – On 24th May 2019, Thani Sitalaphinant, 51, a Chiang Mai business man working in the tourism sector, and his wife, lodged a complaint at the Damrong Dharma Centre about a brand new 1.5 million baht car (authorities withheld the brand from the media), saying that after 10 days’ use the vehicle’s air conditioning had broken down.


The couple said that they had been to the dealership five times to have it fixed, yet it remains broken and the dealership refused to give them a new vehicle.

Thani claimed that he was impressed by all the advertisements about the car which promised great quality and also by the sales people who promised great service. He said that the weather had been unusually hot and his son had suffered from the broken air-conditioning. The dealership, he said, wanted to take the car to find the problem so that they can fix it, but he had lost faith in the brand and wants a new vehicle and has no interest in using this brand again. Matters will be taken up by the Damrong Dharma Centre.