Man found hanged in forest after 72 hours search

 | Mon 25 May 2020 13:02 ICT

A 47 year old man, Suwan Khamsaen, who went missing from his village in Mae Chaem on the 21st May has been found dead.

According to his wife, Suwan left his house at 5pm on the 21st leaving his motorbike behind, which caused some concern.

Rescue workers and volunteers spent the next day searching 2,000 rai of land in the area, looking all day and through the following night. The area is known for its caves, and the search party had to go inside the caves to look for the missing man as well.

 At 10.30pm on the night of the 23rd the body of Suwan was found in the forest, hanged from a tree.

His wife revealed that her husband had called her around the time he left the house and had sounded very odd, telling her to take care of their children and that he wanted a Buddhist ceremony.