Man Attempted Suicide After Losing His Lifesavings through Fraud

 | Fri 30 Nov 2018 13:35 ICT

CityNews – A man attempted suicide after being cheated by land brokers.

A man was spotted on an electric pole attempting to commit suicide this morning. The incident occurred in Ban Ning Phueng, Mae Taeng District. After succeeding in talking him down, police and his relatives were able to identify the motive during a chat. The 52 year old man explained that he was scammed by a land brokerage dealer who sold him an empty land for 80,000 baht. He stated that he lost his entire life savings with a loan pile up for this fraudulent land. The suspect is identified as Arthit Nitkarn who has been allegedly scamming many people in Mae Taeng. Police are now investigating the case.