Man asks public to help find lost brother

 | Fri 17 Jul 2020 21:00 ICT

A 59 year old man reported his brother missing today after having not heard from him since the long weekend earlier this month.

Nattapol Komarachun secretary of a human rights organisation who lives in Sandai reported his brother Natawon Komarachun, 71, missing after travelling to Nong Khai to join a monastery.

According to Nattapol, his brother left Chiang Mai on the 2nd July and was in a monastery until the 7th when he disappeared. According to monks, he is believed to have disappeared around midnight of the 7th of July, as many monks said they heard dogs barking. He had also left all his belongings in the temple.

He did, however, take his phone and the signal was traced to the 8th, when it was no longer turned on. According to the brother, he has been searching since then, but finally decided to make an official report to the police.

Nattapol fears that his brother may have some mental issues which may have caused him to be lost or confused. He asks anyone with information to please call him at 081-881-5093.