Man arrested over 20 times, flips bird at police after caught drinking

 | Tue 31 Aug 2021 16:25 ICT

Police say that while they were patrolling the old city after midnight last night they came across a group of people drinking alcohol at Three Kings Monument. Warning the group that they were breaking the Covid-19 restrictions, they asked the group to disperse.

It was at this time that one man, clearly intoxicated, began to berate the officers. A woman began to film the incident and can be heard also scolding the police, telling them that they were what was wrong with Thailand.

“Did you ask anyone here if they have a problem with us?” the man is heard asking the police. “They have a problem with you,” added the woman. When asked to show their IDs, the man and woman asked for the police to show theirs first. When asked to wear a mask, the woman told police that Covid didn’t come from her, but was everywhere. “It’s not your duty to do this,” she added. “You never do your duty,” added the man who went on to say that the whole country was going crazy at this point, berating the police for obstructing their freedom.

“You, your boss, you are the problem, you *ick.”

At one point it was reported, though not caught on video, that the man flipped the police the middle finger.

Throughout the video captured, the man is seen aggressively pointing his finger at the police’s face.

Peungbook Jaiyen, 35, was eventually arrested for ‘insulting police officers who were doing their duty’ as well as breaking Covid-19 regulations.

On further investigation, police say that they have found that Peungbook was arrested multiple times last year for drawing graffiti over government signs across the city as well as having been arrested somewhere between 20-30 times, mainly for public nuisance, and once also for giving authorities his middle finger.

It wasn’t reported as to whether he has ever been prosecuted.