Man arrested for stealing a lady’s bag left in a supermarket cart

 | Thu 28 Nov 2019 16:20 ICT

CityNews – 28th November 2019, investigative officers from Mueang district police station arrested U-thit Wangphrom or Ken, 36 years old, a resident from Saraphee district.

On 25th November 2019, this suspect allegedly stole a lady’s bag from a supermarket cart in Mueang district area.  From CCTV, it could be seen that a lady was unloading items bought to her car and then returned the cart, forgetting her own bag in it, before driving away. Soon, a white car drove up, a man got out, snatched the bag and drove away.

The lady later remembered and reported to the police.  Police staff then came to the area to check recordings in CCTV to check where the suspect went.  It was found that he went to a convenience store in Hang Dong area and tried to withdraw cash from an ATM booth.  Police followed his trail and later arrested him in his house in Saraphee area, charging him with stealing other person’s belonging and using other person’s electronic card.
The suspect confessed and plead guilty to stealing the bag and the 1700 baht cash in it but was unsuccessful in withdrawing money from the ATM.  He had discarded the bag, but someone had found it and turned it on to the police.

The alleged theory said that he’d tried twice to use the date of birth of the woman at the ATM, but failed. The police warn people to not use such simple codes.