Man allegedly attempts to steal SUV with child inside

 | Mon 16 Mar 2020 15:04 ICT

CityNews – 14th March 2020, a Facebook page using the moniker Gym Tanakorn posted a video clip showing an incident which happened outside his second hand car dealership in Chiang Mai.

According to Tanakorn, who CityNews later found to be the name of the owner of the dealership, he and his girlfriend saw a suspicious looking man drive up and park his motorcycle in front of their shop. What was odd, was that he kept his eyes at all times on a white SUV which had just parked outside their shop just prior to the bike’s arrival.

Pretending to be looking for a car, the man acted suspiciously and kept looking at the white vehicle. Finally he went up to the white vehicle and tried to get into it. The woman who had driven the SUV had stepped out and crossed the road briefly to buy something. However, it was later found that she had left her young child inside the car. When the owner of the dealership went to ask the man why he was trying to get into the SUV, he looked panic stricken and jumped onto his motorcycle and drove off.

The dealership man told police that he suspected that the man on the motorbike was following the SUV and intending to steal it when the woman stepped out of the vehicle. Whether he knew that there was a child inside or not was unclear. Police will be following up on this matter.