Man Accidentally Kills Relative While Hunting

 | Tue 2 Feb 2016 03:53 ICT

CityNews – A man in Mae Chaem allegedly shot and killed his relative accidentally while out hunting wild animals in the bush by his home, mistaking him for an animal.

accidental murder

He tried to save his relative’s life but it failed. By the time the police arrived at the scene, Payortu Amornkitkwang was waiting to give himself up.

He told police that he was out checking on cattle and hunting with his relative, Narong Saensuk-udomboon, in the forest near his house.

He saw a movement and thought it to be a palm civet, shot but then later found out it was his Narong.

Narong was shot in the head. Payortu tried to save him but he later died.

Police are investigating his story and Payortu is awaiting prosecution.