Magic Mushroom Pays Dividends to Believers

 | Fri 1 Nov 2013 12:22 ICT

CityNews – A good luck mushroom in Lampang grown by a local couple has attracted flocks of visitors who come pray to the fantastic fungus in the hope they’ll win the Thai lottery.

It was reported in Thairath 28th October that Weera and Khammei Khamla, the couple who own the mushroom, have been sharing its powers for some time, and those who have prayed have reportedly been winning the lottery.

The mushroom was grown near a spirit house of the couple, Weera said, and this might be the reason for its magical powers. He also said that one night he had had a dream about the mushroom in which he met a travelling hermit. The hermit told him that the Thai ghost, Kuman Thong, lived in the mushroom. The hermit told Weera he had to take good care of the fungus.

Kuman Thong is not related to traditional Buddhist beliefs, rather the ghost meaning ‘golden boy’ has animist, or even black magic roots.

Weera said he redecorated the spirit as the hermit had told him. Then a local villager took a photograph of the mushroom, and said he saw numbers in the picture. He wished for good luck and then incredibly he won the lottery…and then, he won the lottery again, and again. The rumour spread about the magic mushroom and people started coming to wai the spirit in the hope they too might win the Lotto. Weera told the press that many people have won the lottery after asking the spirit to bless them with good luck.

This story follows other stories where vegetables and fruits with super powers have been blessing local folk this year.

The mushroom, now something of a celebrity, is now known as the Kuman Thong Mushroom.