Maejo U hands over 400k of marijuana for medical use

 | Fri 15 Jan 2021 15:49 ICT

This Wednesday Maejo University along with representatives from the public health office and Region 5 police witnessed the handing over of 400kgs of organic marijuana to the department of medical services. This is the third handover under this project, which is the first official industrial marijuana production project sanctioned and approved for use for medical purposes in ASEAN.

The project, founded in 2019, has been growing organic and standardised marijuana with the aim of being sold to the medical industry. The marijuana has been sent to Khon Kaen University’s pharmaceutical faculty to be developed and processed into medicine.

The value of the 400 tonnes of marijuana is 16 million baht, or 40,000 baht per kg.

Maejo University is conducting many experiments to develop Thai strains of marijuana with varying degrees of THC and CBD with the aim of eventually entering the world market.

According to Maejo University, Thai marijuana used to be recognised as one of the best in the world, but since many other countries have legalised the plant, their research and development have improved their products and Thailand needs to get its name back on the market. The university is also developing many low-THC strains as well as hemp with hopes of being able to create multiple medical and health products in the future.

The public will soon be able to enter the industry through many channels as rules and regulations are being finalised.