Mae Rim District Chief apologized to locals about garbage after market fair.

 | Thu 3 Sep 2020 10:37 ICT

On the morning of 2nd September 2020, the Mae Rim District Office car park was found to be full or rubbish. Ice buckets, rubbish bags and the like cluttered the area and meant that not only did it look bad, the car park was barely usable.

Originally set to finish on the 2nd, the end-date for a local fair and market, set to help businesses in these hard times was changed to the 1st. As a result of the change, there was confusion over who was responsible for cleaning the car park. The stall holders thought the District Office was going to do it, and the District Office thought it was the stall holders’ responsibility. The organisers may not have had time to do it because the fair finished quite late. Either way, nothing happened and locals were unhappy at the sight that greeted them.

Mr. Attacha Kampanat Saenyakorn, District Chief of Mae Rim, asked the staff to clean up and apologised for this incident.