Mae Kampong opens for visitors

 | Mon 13 Sep 2021 17:42 ICT

The community of Mae Kampong is Covid-free, and it invites you to visit now that the rains are ending and the winter winds soon to blow.

Strict measures have been instituted in the community, with local residents taking all necessary precautions to ensure their own as well as visitors’ safety, said a representative of the community.

Mae Kampong proudly proclaims the fact that not one member of its community has contracted the virus since the start of the pandemic, a record they intend to continue to keep.

Tourists – mainly Thai – are beginning to visit Mae Kampong over the past few weeks, drawn to the quiet tranquil of the area, its charming cafes, delicious restaurants and untouched nature.

According to a representative of the community, Mae Kampong, whose economy relies on tourism, has lost about 80% of its income. Now that Mae Kampong is following Amazing Thailand Safety and Health Administration (SHA) standards, it is hoping that visitors will soon return.