Mae Hong Son Hospital Paid 550k for Death of Girl after Alleged Malpractice

 | Thu 17 Apr 2014 11:38 ICT

CityNews – On Wednesday, April 16th, physicians from Srisangwan Hospital admitted to a medical malpractice charge brought against them. A young girl had suffered head trauma from a fall during Songkran, and after an overnight stay, she died at the hospital on April 14th.

Thathima Sunantasirichat (9) fell and hit her head on a concrete pavement in Tambon Pangmoo, Amphur Muang, Mae Hong Son. Her mother, Yaowarej Thaluengwiroj, took her to the hospital where the medical staff admitted her for an overnight observation. Thathima complained about a headache and was given some Paracetamol. She sadly passed away the following morning.

Dr. Worachet Thecharak, the hospital deputy director, told reporters that the X-Rays result showed internal bleeding in Thathima’s skull. He admitted to the medical malpractice by his staff and promised to initiate better diagnosing processes to prevent future mistakes. The hospital paid Thathima’s parents 550,000 baht for the funeral and as compensation.

Mae Hong Son Governor Suraphon Panat-ampon witnessed the payment and expressed his condolences to the girl’s family. He will have a conference with hospital directors from all seven Amphurs in Mae Hong Son to come up with faster and more accurate medical diagnostics.
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