Mae Hong Son Governor Seeks Legal Action Against Signless Road Construction That Caused One Death

 | Fri 27 Jan 2017 07:54 ICT

CityNews – The governor of Mae Hong Son has ordered an investigation and legal action against a contractor who failed to close a road or put up any warning signs where road construction was taking place, causing a car and a motorbike to crash, killing one and injuring two.

construction crash

The accident occurred on January 25, around 11am when a car collided with a motorbike and then crashing off the road.

When police arrived they discovered that one man had already died from the collision, and one woman was injured.

The victims in the accident claim that the road was under construction but there was no signs, closures, or staff to manage or warn traffic. The governor of Mae Hong Son, Suepsak Aieamphijarn, has opened an inquiry into why appropriate safety measures were not in place. A letter written by the family of the injured and deceased was also sent to the Damrongtham Centre.