Mae Chaem River Provides Temporary Beach During Hot Weather

 | Tue 29 Mar 2016 08:20 ICT

CityNews – On March 28th, a report said that there were many people at the ‘Pattaya of Hot District’ in Chiang Mai due to the recent hot weather.

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The Mae Chaem River turns into a temporary beach in drought season. The beach is located between kilometre 3 to 9 along the Route 108 (Hot – Mae Sariang). Many local style huts were built here to support visitors relaxing on the waterfront. Most of these huts have Thai local food for sale, such as papaya salad and roast chicken with sticky rice.
While the atmosphere and food create a relaxing and carefree environment, there is a deep part of river that may cause harm. Officers have installed a warning sign for this deep river part, so visitors please take note of it. Also, parents should closely look after children for their safety.