Love story pulling on all the heartstrings, goes viral

 | Mon 26 Aug 2019 14:50 ICT

CityNews – The love story of a disabled woman and a man whom she met online has gone viral on social media.

Photo: นางฟ้าซาลอน

The Facebook page Angelstylist has posted the heart-warming story of Narawut “New” Pongyen, 31, who fell in love with Patpen “Aueng” Lenkum whom he met on social media. The two beganchatting via text messages over four years ago, but on December 2015 Aueng, who was 21 at that time, was in a road accident. She was riding a motorcycle without a helmet when she had the accident which put her in a coma for six months. All through the six months of her coma, New kept messaging her hoping she would respond.

About three months after waking up from the coma, Aueng finally got back to him and told him what had happened, leading to their first face-to-face encounter at the hospital. Aueng’s boyfriend had dumped her by this point, after hearing that she could no longer walk. For about eight months, New frequently visited Aueng, finally deciding to move into her house in Chiang Dao after she returned home. For the next two years, New would take day to day contract jobs, popping home when he could to take care of Aueng who was unable to care for herself. “I had to brush her teeth, feed her, bathe her, basically do everything, and earning only 300 baht a day was really challenging.”  After struggling to find a suitable job the pair decided to move to his family home in Mae Rim where Aueng, who had partial paralysis, earned a living as a designer. She has use of her two thumbs, and can do drawings which she sells online for 50-60 baht each.  (Facebook: AuengShopDesign)

New stated that his wish is to marry Aueng one day when she’s ready and that his greatest fear is to come home to find that she has fallen or died. He also can’t bear the thought of himself dying before her as he worries who will take care of her. He says that he will be there for her as long as he lives.

Aueng, was a passenger on the back of the motorcycle that crashed and warns everyone to please always wear a helmet. She was at that time a student at a local university with a promising career and is now fully dependant on New.