Lottery Vendor Claims Police Targeting Her, But Accepts She Overcharges

 | Thu 17 May 2018 09:43 ICT

CityNews – A lottery vendor has made a complaint to the police after she has been fined for overpricing her lottery tickets three times in a month after she refused to pay a supposed police officer ‘neighbourly support money’.

On May 16th, a 65 year old lottery vendor at Chiang Mai Gate Market made a complaint that despite accepting that she is still over-charging for her lottery tickets, the police have been unfairly targeting her. She claims that she has now been charged three times for overpricing her lottery tickets.

She told the press that on April 30th, she was introduced to a police officer called Captain Narong who claimed to work for Provincial Police Region 5. She said that Captain Narong asked to exchange phone numbers in case he needed any ‘neighbourly support’.

On May 9th, Captain Narong allegedly called the woman, asking for monetary support, claiming it was by order of his boss. The woman refused to pay. The next day, the police officer visited her and charged with overpricing her lottery tickets, and again on May 16th.

The woman accepts that she overprices her lottery tickets, claiming that the buying costs are too high so she need to charge more to make a fair profit. She said the whole system needs a fix, but until then she asks that other vendors are also inspected as much as her out of fairness. She has also asked the police to identify Captain Narong to see whether he is a real police officer or not.