Lottery ticket vendors despair at lack of sales

Saturday 16th May was the day when the national lottery results were revealed. CityNews visited many lottery vendors working around Mahidol Road’s Nong Hoi intersection to find out how brisk the trade was. This area is usually bustling on the lottery results days with vendors busy setting up and trading to all the people who feel lucky.

Yet this past Saturday saw the normally bustling area virtually dead. The vendors were there, lined up for business that never really came. Over half of the lottery tickets were unsold by the end of the day.

“I have nothing better to do, so I may as well come here and try,” said Suwit Thevachalaangkul, a regular lottery vendor. “Others don’t even bother, but even though I have only sold a couple of tickets, what else am I going to do with my time? Most of the numbers we are selling are the regular popoular numbers such as 56 57 19 91. IF things continue this way we are going to have to do what Bangkok does and sell them at 60 baht each. The reason is that we are unable to return the tickets, so its better to get some money out of the ticket.”

The few people buying told CityNews that they wanted to chance their luck and hoped to win something, but they weren’t risking as much as they used to. So if they used to buy 10 tickets, they would be buying two or three now.