Long lines for donated food

 | Wed 2 Jun 2021 14:23 ICT

Each morning around 8.30am for the past fortnight, Yosawee Damchu, 46, Sila Jaemjarat and their friends have been handing out food in front of 12 Huay Kaew Plaza on Huay Kaew road to help those in need.

It all came about when the two friends started a business in the complex recently, soon realising that not only were there not enough customers, but that there were so many people in need, as they were asked daily to donate ten, 50 or 100 baht or simply food by various passersby. The pair therefore decided that their time would be better spent helping people and initially bought 100 boxes of lunch to give away.

Their friends and soon strangers, both Thai and foreign, contacted them and asked to contribute, and this is now the 15th morning that the pair have been generating long queues of people looking for help.

They are now handing out upwards of 300 boxes of food per day, saying that they have about three days’ worth of food left in their budget, each day costing around 10,000 baht.

The pair said that there was one day when someone simply dropped off an envelope filled with 10,000 baht in cash, and that they have been overwhelmed with support.

They say that most of the money has come from passersby wishing to contribute.

If anyone is interested in helping out, please call 094-656-1441 (กัส) or 085-710-6351 (จิ๋ม).